Hello. My name is Lonnie Robinson. I’m the dude who woke up one morning and headed to a day job meeting only to find out that it would be my last day job meeting. To make a long story short, I received that dreadful pink slip. You know the one that begins by telling you how awesome you are and how appreciative they are of your hard work and dedication and ends with telling you how unfortunate it is that they’ve gotta let you go.

Maybe you’ve been there too. Maybe that’s the reason why you’re reading. You’ve lost your day job and now you know that you need to find something that you can do on your own that will make you money so that you will never ever have to read one of those pink slips again.


Maybe you already have your own gig and you just wanna see if I can provide you with some stuff that’s going to take your business to higher heights. Regardless of why you’re here, I’m glad that you have allowed me to spend this time with you and I will do everything in my power to make it more than worth your while.

Now I must admit that I have had my share of success as an entrepreneur. At the age of 24, I was making on average 30k a month and traveling the country as a custom clothier to the stars. Yes, I was affectionally called, “The Suit Man” by Michael Jordan. YES, THE Michael Jordan.

Sidenote: There’s a funny story that I will share with you one day about hanging out with Michael Jordan and how it cost me my hair.

Back to the clothing gig…

While in college, I worked for a high-end men’s clothing store. Suits started at $400 and the average suit was around $700. Needless to say, we catered to well-dressed dudes with BIG wallets. It was from that experience, I realized that I could sell expensive clothes, I could sell anything. I must admit that I was pretty good at it too. I soon became the “go-to” personal clothier for Fortune 500 CEOs, Professional Athletes, Celebrities and successful executives and entrepreneurs. It was the best of times and when opportunity presented itself, I created my own clothing consulting business and ventured out into the world of the self-employed.

I caught the entrepreneurial bug and although I continued to bounce around corporate America, I strategically accepted day job opportunities, only to sharpen my skills and implement everything I learned from those companies into my own business plan.

That’s the strategy I used to build my own mobile phone empire.

After many years of selling clothing to the stars, I steered my focus towards mobile technology. In the late 80’s and early 90’s, the cellular industry was beginning to heat up and I was laser focused on catching that wave and riding it all the way to prosperity and that’s exactly what I did. I’m sure that I will share in detail my wireless world experiences in future episodes but for now, let’s just say that I created a multiple six-figure company and sold it for over a million dollars.

Now that I had money (heck, I thought I was rich!), I wanted to give back. It was around that time that my son was entering kindergarten and I vowed to dedicate my time to make his school experience a fun and thriving one for him. With money in the bank, I had the freedom of time to commit to delivering that promise.

It was that  promise that led me to my next day job. To be honest, I didn’t see this one coming.

Fast forward a year, I became the PTA President of my son’s school and accepted a position as a Director of Scouting for the Boy Scouts of America. Both positions allowed me to spend as much time with my son during the school day as I wanted. As a matter of fact, my office was located inside my son’s school. I only went to the Boy Scout corporate office for monthly executive meetings and to grab supplies for the boys.

I cannot begin to express in words how gratifying it was to not only play such a vital role in  my son’s education and early life experiences, but to also become a role model for his friends and their parents, all the while being able to be a part of the decision making and growth of his school as it’s PTA President. And, with money in the bank and a day job that I loved, I could afford to chip in when the school system said “No” to the things that the school desperately needed such as paper, copiers, fax machines and computers and books for the library.

I was on top of the world! My day job was allowing me to be Super Dad by day and awesome husband by night. LOL! And it is important to note that in my spare time, I was wrapping my head around this internet marketing business thing.

Now, I must admit that you probably wouldn’t know me had it not been for that dreadful pink slip. I guess you could call getting laid off from my day job both a gift and a curse. The curse is, “I Loved That Job!” and lost it. The gift is that it allowed me to become laser-focused on the one job I had left.

Thus Robinson Infomedia was born.

I’ve gotta tell you that I went to work building Robinson Infomedia immediately. I worked my butt off from dusk til’ dawn. I had to! All that money in the bank was fading to dust and my wife began paying some of our bills. Imagine going from having more money than you can count to making sure you had $20 to cover your son’s lunch. It was the fourth quarter and time was running out.

Needles to say that by the grace of God, hard work, learning from many mistakes, the desire to succeed and having a solid business plan I’m here today.

YES, I make a full time living online and living my life like it’s golden. I LOVE what I do and I can attribute it to one word…


Although there are many challenges and even sometimes unforeseen hurdles and obstacles, I have never regretted what I do or the steps it has taken to get here. In the world of entrepreneurship, there is nothing sweeter than knowing the only limits set upon you is the limits you set upon yourself.