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We are in the process of migrating our sites over to a newer, bigger, faster server and I must admit that it has been a challenge for us. During the migration process, we have lost files and even total backups of sites. Thankfully, we made duplicate backups so we will be able to rebuild after this process is over.

I was going through some of the files the other day and I came across these videos and decided to add them inside of our new member's area at our new product member portal - Robinson Infomedia Academy.

When you join us inside the Academy, you will have access to the following:

5X Affiliate Profits

The strategies you are about to discover are the same strategies we've used to 5X our affiliate marketing business. Selling other business owner's products are responsible for 32% of our annual profits. Follow the strategies here and you'll be on your way to affiliate stardom in no time!

Get More Subscribers

Want to increase your conversions without having to find new traffic? You will discover how we increased our conversion significantly by making tiny changes in our email marketing and the pages we were sending our existing traffic to. These tweaks proved to be an absolute game changer!

The Top 5 Mistakes Most Small Business Owners Make

In this special presentation, we will reveal the Top 5 Mistakes that most business owners are making that is literally crippling their business. We are going to show you how to prevent it from happening to you!

Three: The 3 Questions You Should Ask Yourself About Your Business

There are 3 questions you should ask yourself. The answers to those 3 questions could be the foundation on which your business is built. Furthermore, it could also become the determining factor as to whether your business succeeds or whether it fails.


About the Author

Lonnie Robinson is the President and CEO of Washington, DC Based Robinson Infomedia, Inc. and has helped many people build successful businesses both online and off.

Lonnie began his humble beginnings as a communications products and services provider. In 1998, Lonnie opened 2 wireless communication stores and achieved record breaking sales. In 2002, he sold his stores and began consulting his growing client base on web site and logo design, ecommerce and shopping cart set-up, web hosting and mail list management.

Finding his niche in marketing information online, Lonnie has focused on creating Information Products that teach others how to make money, utilizing the power of transforming prospects into not only customers, but raving fans.